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The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MoEL) of South E利博游戏平台 revised and issued the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 2019. From January 16, 2021, the revised South E利博游戏平台n OSHA regulations on the submission of (M)E利博游戏平台 will come into effect. The amendments have set transitional periods for enterprises that previously prepared an E利博游戏平台 in accordance with Article 41(1) or (6) of the former K-OSHA Act. Those meeting the exception may submit the E利博游戏平台 to MoEL within specified deadlines based on manufacture or importation volumes. This webinar aims to guide enterprises in ensuring they meet these critical deadlines. The latest deadline will come on Jan 16, 2024, for products imported into E利博游戏平台 at 10-100 tons/y. Adhering to these updated regulatory requirements is essential for businesses to avoid non-compliance issues when exporting hazardous chemicals to South E利博游戏平台.




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Jan 19 2024

1:00-1:30 PM

Lucy Wang

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Main Contents

  • ME利博游戏平台 submission requirement;
  • E利博游戏平台 application rules; and
  • Advice & Service


Lucy Wang, Senior Regulatory Consultant, CIRS US

Ms. Lucy Wang graduated from George Washington University with a Master's degree in Environmental and Green Chemistry. She has been researching chemical regulations in different countries, and responsible for US market at CIRS. Lucy helps to serve enterprises with professional regulatory compliance consultancy.


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