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To implement the 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线s Supervision and 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 Regulations (澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线) and the Measures for the Supervision and 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 of 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线s Production and Operation, the National Medical Products 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 (NMPA) has organized to draft the Measures for the 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 of 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线s 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 and released it for public consultation. Any comments are welcomed between October 19 and November 10, 2023.

According to the Measures for the 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线 of 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线s 澳门英皇宫殿娱乐在线, the NMPA is responsible for the management of cosmetics inspection nationwide. The departments accountable for drug supervision and control at or above the county level are responsible for the inspection and management of cosmetics in their respective administrative regions.

The department responsible for drug supervision and management, as well as the legally established or designated inspection agencies (hereinafter referred to as "inspection agencies"), carry out inspection work by laws, regulations, rules, etc. According to the nature and purpose of the examination, cosmetic examination can be divided into license examination, routine examination, causal examination, and other examinations.

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