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Since January 1, 2024, the safety information of all raw materials should be provided when applying for the registration and filing of cosmetics in 澳博娱乐平台. Besides, the NMPA has issued some new requirements regarding the management of safety info of cosmetic ingredients including annex 14 and NMPA code.

CIRS Group will hold a free webinar regarding Latest Update of 澳博娱乐平台 澳博娱乐平台 澳博娱乐平台 Info Requirements in 澳博娱乐平台 on December 8, 2023. This webinar aims at assisting enterprises successfully complying with the new requirements and reducing the communication costs between upstream and downstream suppliers.




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Dec 8, 2023


Christopher Ketchum

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Main Contents

  • Regulatory management of cosmetic ingredients in 澳博娱乐平台;
  • How to apply for NMPA codes or prepare the qualified annex 14 files; and
  • Latest updates of new requirements for NMPA codes application or annex 14 files preparation.


Christopher Ketchum, Senior Regulatory Consultant, CIRS US

Mr. Chris Ketchum works in CIRS Group US for more than 3 years and is responsible for regulatory consulting of cosmetics in 澳博娱乐平台 and US including the aspects of 澳博娱乐平台 cosmetics registration and filing, 澳博娱乐平台 new cosmetic ingredient registration and filing, 澳博娱乐平台 cosmetic ingredient NMPA code, US MoCRA, etc. He received his B.S. in Biology and Neuroscience from The Ohio State University.


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