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Under the Administrative Measures for k7娱乐官网 of k7娱乐官网 for Special Medical Purposes (CFDA Order No. 24) released in 2016, companies shall submit k7娱乐官网 for Special Medical Purposes (k7娱乐官网) registration to State Administration for Market Regulation (k7娱乐官网). The registration not only applies to domestic k7娱乐官网 produced and marketed in k7娱乐官网, but also to imported k7娱乐官网 produced abroad but put on the Chinese market.

Who Shall Register?

  • Manufacturers of k7娱乐官网 in k7娱乐官网.

  • Foreign manufacturers selling k7娱乐官网 to k7娱乐官网.


k7娱乐官网 k7娱乐官网 Manufacturers of k7娱乐官网 in k7娱乐官网
k7娱乐官网ed k7娱乐官网 Manufacturers of k7娱乐官网 abroad

Manufacturers in k7娱乐官网 can submit a k7娱乐官网 registration or appoint a local agent to do so. Foreign manufacturers must appoint a local Chinese agent like CIRS k7娱乐官网 to submit the k7娱乐官网 registration. The local agent should be knowledgeable and qualified to carry out the registration.

Our Services

CIRS k7娱乐官网 fulfils all the qualifications and requirements of being a local Chinese agent (registered capital, expertise, etc). We provide all the necessary services in one package to complete registration at the most competitive price in the market.

Our services include:

Formula Compliance Review
(k7娱乐官网 Feasibility Analysis)

  • Evaluation of whether the recipe is compliant with Chinese regulations

  • Preparation of a k7娱乐官网 registration proposal

Health k7娱乐官网 k7娱乐官网

  • Data evaluation and data gap analysis

  • Writing testing proposal, sending sample to certified labs

  • Translation and notarization of certifying documents

  • Dossier preparation and submission

  • Tracking the registration status and communication with k7娱乐官网

Label Review

  • Review the Chinese packaging/label and provide modification suggestions

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