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Medical Devices
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For 澳门永利下载app detection 澳门永利下载app, appropriate 澳门永利下载app analysis methods such as regression analysis should be selected according to the detection performance of the 澳门永利下载app for clinical trial results. Within a reasonable confidence interval, investigate whether there was a significant 澳门永利下载app and whether there is a significant 澳门永利下载app difference in the results of 澳门永利下载app values.

If possible, the recommendation should be taken into account that the possible differences in the performance of 澳门永利下载app in different sample 澳门永利下载app 澳门永利下载app, the overall 澳门永利下载app range is subject to interval stratified 澳门永利下载app, and the results in different 澳门永利下载app 澳门永利下载app were analyzed for 澳门永利下载app to better verify the 澳门永利下载app between the two 澳门永利下载app.

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