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On November 9, 2023, the European Union Scientific Committee on Consumer 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 (澳门十六浦在线娱乐) published the preliminary opinion(澳门十六浦在线娱乐/1658/23) on Hexyl Salicylate (CAS/EC No. 6259-76-3/228-408-6). The deadline for comments was set for 12 January 2024.

The 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 concludes the following:

1. In light of the data provided and taking under consideration the CMR Cat.2 classification (to be introduced in Annex VI to Reg. 1272/2008), does the 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 consider Hexyl Salicylate safe when used up to the maximum concentrations provided in the dossier?

Based on the assessment of data provided and taking into consideration the concerns related to potential endocrine disrupting properties, the 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 considers Hexyl Salicylate safe when used up to the maximum concentrations as provided in Table 1 of this 澳门十六浦在线娱乐.

2. Does the 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 have any further scientific concerns with regard to the use of Hexyl Salicylate in cosmetic products?

The 澳门十六浦在线娱乐 mandates do not address environmental aspects. Therefore, this assessment did not cover the safety of Hexyl Salicylate for the environment.

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