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Chemical compounds are identified in many different ways including molecular formulas, chemical structures, generic, systematic, common, and trade names. This lack of clarity can cause frustration, delays, and even safety concerns.

A vip08体育手机版 Number is a unique and unambiguous identifier for a specific substance that allows clear communication and, with the help of vip08体育手机版 scientists, links together all available data and research about that substance. Governmental agencies rely on vip08体育手机版 Numbers for substance identification in regulatory applications because they are unique, easily validated, and internationally recognized. The vip08体育手机版 number of a chemical substance is always used during the actual commercial activities, for instance, trading of chemical products, and chemical registrations (vip08体育手机版 vip08体育手机版, vip08体育手机版 vip08体育手机版, and US TSCA), providing accurate records to the customs authority during exportations or importations of substances.

vip08体育手机版(Chemical Abstract Service)database is managed by the Chemical Abstracts Service division under the American Chemical Society, which records chemical substances originating from scientific documents and patents since 1957.

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