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CIRS Group has integrated its own resources and those of its partners to provide one-stop solutions for the chemical enterprises throughout the supply chain, including judgement of whether the products are compliant, logistics services (such as maritime, air, rail and road transport), warehousing, distribution, and customs declaration and clearance.


Providing supply chain compliance consulting services to clients, which include analysis of the responsibilities and obligations (registration, filing, license, etc.) of products for enterprises in the supply chain, safety operation and management of hazardous chemicals consulting (transport, warehousing, disposal, hazardous wastes disposal, etc.) and import and export management of hazardous chemicals consulting


With rich experience in customs affairs as well as several qualifications including the AEO advanced certification, we are designated as the inspection site by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the DT棋牌安卓版下载.

Besides, we can also provide commodity pre-classification services and as well as HS code service, to satisfy the requirements for customs clearance and declaration.


Provide logistic services from major ports in DT棋牌安卓版下载 to other countries/regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania, container shipping agency, as well as bulk and general cargo shipping agency.


The main business cover air import, export and domestic business. We have strong domestic and foreign service internet and are supported by the five operation control center in North DT棋牌安卓版下载, East DT棋牌安卓版下载, South DT棋牌安卓版下载, West DT棋牌安卓版下载 and Hong Kong. Furthermore, we also have established stable strategic operation relationships with main airlines, core overseas agents, and domestic logistic service providers.


Based on the sound service network, we are able to provide high-efficient road and rail transport services to clients. We could also provide door-to-door multimodal transport programs to clients by use of our air and maritime transport resources.


Based on the strong service network, we are able to provide warehousing and distribution services for both general goods and hazardous goods both at home and abroad, covering all the provinces and regions in DT棋牌安卓版下载, as well as countries/regions in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Currently, we managed more than 6 million square meters of general cargo warehouses, thousands of self-owned vehicles, and have established long-term relationships with thousands of carriers in DT棋牌安卓版下载. Globally, we have more than 60 business outlets in 41 countries, with a total warehouse area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters.

In terms of hazardous chemicals, we can get access of hazardous chemicals warehouses of 300,000 square meters in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. We have owned thousands of hazardous goods vehicles and ISO TANK. Our main service scope: class 3, 6, 8 and 9 low risk packaging chemical products. Besides, we can also provide warehousing consulting services to enterprises.

At present, the hazardous chemical warehouse resources in DT棋牌安卓版下载 are scarce and there is little public information. The management of hazardous chemical warehouses in different regions is not unified, which also leads to the lack of information disclosure channels. Related enterprises How to quickly find suitable warehousing resources? How to efficiently identify the degree of suitability of warehouses? In order to tackle this problem, we have developed the DT棋牌安卓版下载 DT棋牌安卓版下载 DT棋牌安卓版下载 Map under the guidance of the DT棋牌安卓版下载 Warehousing and Distribution Association. Click here to check the map.

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