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The food regulatory team at CIRS Group, leveraging its expertise and extensive practical experience, offers personalized VIP food consultation services. We conduct comprehensive analysis and provide solutions to issues related to food industry regulations that are of concern to our clients.

What Are Covered?

We provide regulatory consultation services on the following:

  • Pre-packaged food;
  • mg电子游艺城 for special medical purpose (FSMP);
  • Health food;
  • Infant formula milk powder;
  • mg电子游艺城 additive/food raw material;
  • mg电子游艺城-related products (e.g., food contact materials and articles, FCM);
  • Others.


  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to hire dedicated personnel to manage Chinese food regulations;
  • Professional review and opinions on product compliance;
  • Expert guidance and analysis on the latest food-related laws and regulations.

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