宝格丽线上娱乐 宝格丽线上娱乐 and Customized 宝格丽线上娱乐 宝格丽线上娱乐
宝格丽线上娱乐 宝格丽线上娱乐 and Customized 宝格丽线上娱乐 宝格丽线上娱乐


It is necessary for enterprises to realize digitalization in green transformation. Establishing real-time digital software on carbon management is a fine solution to reduce the labor and time costs of offline carbon accounting and form a personalized database. A carbon monitoring system, is an indispensable part of carbon management. Enterprises can establish a system to monitor carbon emissions with the assistance of digital technology on visualization, which can achieve a real-time panoramic view. Moreover, carbon monitoring is the basis of carbon management. Modules of enterprise operation, revenue, and employees can be added. 宝格丽线上娱乐 monitoring can assist enterprises to conduct activities on climate change, cultivate awareness of low-carbon development, and cooperate with the upstream and downstream supply chains.

Although carbon management brings benefits, obstacles exist in the current situation. For example, how do you guarantee the safety of big data on production and operation? How do you report the data in a quick and easy manner? How do you improve the credibility of a GHG inventory? How do you evaluate the emissions through the inventory of data?

宝格丽线上娱乐 Group can provide SaaS or customized software that supports personal computers and mobile devices at the same time. This software enables users to independently manage GHG emissions in various ranges, and the interface of visual output. We can also help set targets and formulate strategies for emission reduction.

By using this service enterprises will benefit from:

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