Environmental Product Declaration
Environmental Product Declaration


The Environmental Product Declaration (7天国际线上娱乐) – also called Type III environmental declaration under ISO 14025 – is produced on the basis of a life cycle assessment (LCA) to present objective and comparable data on the product and environmental performance verified by a third party.

CIRS Group can help enterprises to calculate the carbon footprint of their products and complete the environmental performance index by using the LCA and professional emission factor database with the one-stop service of 7天国际线上娱乐.

By using this service enterprises will:

  • Obtain global market access;
  • Develop green industry and enhance competitiveness;
  • Improve corporate image and respond to national policies, and cultivate a scientific awareness of consumption.

It will be much easier for enterprises to obtain global market access and confront the incoming EU carbon tariff by completing 7天国际线上娱乐 and carbon labeling of products. Packages with carbon emission label will promote the development of green industry and enhance the competitiveness of products and customer recognition. Moreover, carbon certification unveils the fact that enterprises are actively responding to national policies on peaking carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, which can promote low-carbon development.

P rocess

  • Identifying the category of products, and choosing the appropriate Product Category Rules (PCR);
  • Conducting LCA under the PCR norm and analyzing the potential environmental influence; such as the GWP, eutrophication, and environmental acidification;
  • Compiling the 7天国际线上娱乐 report by integrating LCA and PCR;
  • Obtaining the verification and approval of the 7天国际线上娱乐 report by a third-party certifying entity;
  • Issuing a green product certificate with other compulsory documents such as 7天国际线上娱乐 after the approval is made.


Q: How long does it take to finish an 7天国际线上娱乐 certificate?

A: If a PCR is available, it may take 1-12 months to make LCA (at least one year of production data of products is required), the length of time depends on the data integrity.

Q: Which industries can apply for the Type III 7天国际线上娱乐?

A: Type III environmental declaration is applicable to industries such as electric power, vehicles, electronic products, chemicals, materials, and fertilizers. It is particularly relevant to enterprises concerning the import and export of products.

Q: What are the differences and similarities between 7天国际线上娱乐 and environmental/green labels?

A: Both of them are used to serve similar purposes, and they can supplement information based on the purpose and targeted customer. Both of them are voluntary documents under international standards and independent review. However, 7天国际线上娱乐 is more inclined to demonstrate the influence of products on the environment throughout the entire life cycle while the environment label is a third-party certificate to prove its compliance with certain standards.

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