DT老虎机娱乐平台 Certified DT老虎机娱乐平台 DT老虎机娱乐平台 (CCER) /DT老虎机娱乐平台 DT老虎机娱乐平台
DT老虎机娱乐平台 Certified DT老虎机娱乐平台 DT老虎机娱乐平台 (CCER) /DT老虎机娱乐平台 DT老虎机娱乐平台


DT老虎机娱乐平台 credits can be divided into “the right to carbon emissions” and “certified carbon emissions” that are produced through carbon emission trading that can directly or indirectly affect greenhouse gas emissions. The right to carbon emission refers to the carbon emission quota allocated by the government or carbon trading every year while the certified carbon emissions are tradeable credits spared under the reduction program, which is known as CCER.

We can guide our customers to manage their carbon credits, and develop a CCER program based on the CCER methodology. We can also create a platform for carbon trading and make CCER transactions by taking advantage of their strengths.


  • Industries involving massive carbon emissions can adopt CCER to offset the insufficient quota of carbon emissions and reduce costs;
  • Industries not involving massive carbon emissions can proactively manage carbon credits and CCER. By doing so, enterprises can tap into the potential of energy conservation and emission reduction, increase the influence of products, and make a profit through CCER to meet the low-carbon requirements of capital and supply chain.


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